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Probable GOLF Instruction
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free golf tips, lessons, instruction, lower score

Serious Golf Tips for Serious Golfers!!

    This golf instruction site is all about improving your game of golf through lower scores. You'll learn about new golf clubs and golf balls as well as some equipment used for golf swing aids. It provides tips you won't even find on the golf channel.

Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn here at Probable Golf:

Learn to read and play the wind effectively. You can hit the right club for the shot, like pga golf.
Learn to select the correct club for uphill/downhill shots. You'll improve your club selection.
Learn how to read greens and adjust for breaks? Most golfers underread putts by more than 70%.
Learn about your own unique shot pattern & how you can use it to lower your score.
Learn about your "clubprintCP" for each club in your bag.
Learn about the physics behind new golf club and golf ball technology so you can hit a longer ball.
Learn about how to apply your knowledge of golf handicap statistics to make a team that has the best chance of lowest score.
Learn how different weather conditions affect your golf ball. Maximize your distance off the tee.
Learn what ball manufacturers don't want you to know about the longest golf ball.
Learn whatever you need to learn about your golf game to help you move up to the next level.
Learn about what affects golf driver distance by using my free golf online distance calculator. Input clubhead speed, mass, loft, etc.

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One reason is that most golfers try to rely too much on technology for improvement. They ignore the 3 essential basics of the game, which are:

1. physical skill – hitting the ball long and accurate, having great touch around and on the greens (what’s required is hitting lots of balls and playing lots of golf)

2. mental game – managing your emotions, maintaining focus (easier said than done)

3. reading the elements – being able to select the correct club for the situation, selecting the best target line, reading the break on the greens (we’re all capable of becoming highly proficient with these)

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Swing Speed Radar(TM).

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Measure your swing speed with affordable Doppler radar!!
Increase your swing speed to increase your distance.
Monitor your swing consistency.
Include velocity feedback when trouble-shooting your swing.
Measure your swing speed improvement as you optimize your swing mechanics.

Receive a free copy of "How to hit the Longest Golf Ball Using New Golf Club Technology"

  Read testimonials from my past customers.

My entire golf online site is clearly focused on the third component. I would argue that it is that aspect of your game that you have the best chance at improving the most, and thus lowering your score, unless you have loads of time for physical practice. Learning the basics of reading the elements can be done anytime, anywhere, without a club in your hand.

Scroll through the menu at the left of this page to explore the various golf tips offered.

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The cost of purchasing my golf tips, is less than the cost of:

a sleeve of golf balls, a golf hat, 5% of a new driver golf club, a golf lesson.

You can purchase and download the tips immediately! They'll add to your existing equipment used for golf. You can send them as a golf gift to a friend or loved one to help them to improve their golf game.

It's the best golf instruction you can get for your money. What you can learn about your golf game here is not available at any of the top golf schools, not even the golf channel. You'll be able to apply the principles learned to any golf course.

This site provides free golf tips and instruction that beats buying a new golf ball, club, or swing. You will lower your score with statistics that golf schools don't teach, yet pga golf players practice. Many of the mental lessons provided here are based on the latest golf science, using the principles of physics and math to lower a golfer's score. You can even get a copy of my golf ball review that analyzes the longest balls.

      Throughout this site, you will find information about the Physics of Golf, the Mathematics of Golf, the Aerodynamics of a Golf Ball, and the Science of Sport with references and links. You can take advantage of some of the free golf lessons / free golf tips to lower your score or purchase additional golf tips to improve your game. Get advice for the putting green (reading putts using the plumb bob), the golf swing, the driver, the irons; almost every facet of the game.

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This page in other languages: chinese, deutsch, espanol, francais, japanese, korean


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