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Probable Golf Instruction                             
 Lower scores without physical practice by making better choices on the course.  
 Applied physics & math to improve golf.   Free golf tips based on the latest scientific research.
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Ken Tannar, PGI Creator

Golf Contents

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    ·Putting Handicap Analysis
    ·Reading Greens
    ·Putting Alignment

    ·BreakMaster Reader
    ·Sun's UV Index

Club Selection
    ·Golf Club Distances
    ·Uphill/Downhill Shots
    ·Adjusting for Wind

Hit Down Dammit! golf swing, instruction, cd, multimedia, golf tips

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Longer Drives

Course Strategy

Golf Handicap Calculator

Golf Fitness

Mental Golf
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Personally Engraved Ball Markers!


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    ·Reading Putts
    ·Wind Effects
    ·Shot Patterns
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Swing Speed Radar



Golf Ball
   ·Longest Golf Ball Study
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Golf Club
    ·Distance Technology
·History of Clubs & Balls
·Online Golf Equipment  
    ·Golf Club Distances New

 Golf Swing
   ·Hit Down Dammit! CD
   ·Swing Machine Book
   ·Dream Swing


Golf Science

Science of Golf
   ·Golf Ball Trajectory
   ·Club Range Compare
   ·Golf Ball Review
   ·Golf Science Resources

Weather Effects
    ·Air Pressure


    ·Fair Handicap Analysis
    ·Handicap Calculator New
    ·Shot Pattern Probablilities
    ·Free Report
    ·Master Your Game
    ·Longest Golf Ball Study
    ·Hole Difficulty Calculator
    ·Tournament Draws/Groupings
    ·Putting Handicap Analysis

Measure your mishits!



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Probable Golf Sleeve -- only the cost of a sleeve of balls but this sleeve will definitely lower your score and will last forever. This is what you'll receive.

1. You'll learn how to read putts accurately so you'll three putt less and one putt more.

I'll send you the list of procedures you'll need to plumb bob accurately as well as the corresponding amount of break for various speed and sloped greens

After a little practice, you'll be reading the greens much better than you do now

for more information, click on Plumb Bob & Reading Putts

2. You'll learn how to read the wind so it won't blow your score off the course.

I'll send you an easy method for measuring the wind's speed and tell you how much your club distances change based on the speed
for more information, click on Wind & the Golf Ball

3. You'll learn how to adjust club selection for elevation changes and weather changes.

Find out exactly how much an uphill/downhill shot affects distance
I'll provide you with a simple method for you to calculate elevation changes so that you can calculate how much farther or shorter the ball will travel
You'll also receive the specifics on how temperature, density and humidity affect the distance the ball travels
Just like the infamous wind chill factor publicized by weather services, I'll provide you with the weather playing factors so that you can adjust your club selection to the elements.

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Shot Pattern Analysis

you send me your statistics after every 10 rounds, I'll input them into a program I have developed and send you a report
you will realize what facets of your game stay the same and what ones improve
some of the statistics:
the golfer's shot pattern (where are you most likely to hit it) with various clubs
optimal aim relative to the flag for various clubs to minimize scores (see sample report)
short game percentages
average number of putts taken from various distances
area of game to work on which would reduce score the most

for more information, click on Probablility of Shot Patterns

A year's subscription of shot pattern analysis for far less than a statistics software package and I'll input all of your data. No other golf statistics software will tell you what mine will.

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If you would like to make a purchase by money order or cheque, Contact Me, and let me know what you would like. If you are paying through credit card or Paypal, I'll send your requested information as soon as I receive notification. Otherwise, send me your order with a money order or personal cheque payable to Ken Tannar.

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