Sunrise/Sunset Times for Your Golf Game

    Use this calculator to determine when the sun rises and sets on any given day. Are you planning a golfing vacation? Need to know when the sun rises and sets so you can plan your travels? Get your answers here for any golf course in the world.

To use the calculator:

1. Select the month and year that's of interest.
2. Enter the longitude and latitude of the location of interest (where's the golf course). You can look up the values for most cities/towns in the world.
Click HERE to lookup the longitude and latitude of a city.
3. Enter the timezone, in UTC time. Click HERE for UTC using world map .
Click HERE to lookup the UTC time of a city.
4. Once the calculation results are displayed, you may use your web browser's "Print" function to obtain a hardcopy of the results.

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Year: Input the four digit year here. eg. 2011
Longitude: Negative if west of London, England (ie. New York City: -74, New Orleans: -90.1, Los Angeles: -118.2)
Latitude: Positive for the northern hemisphere (i.e. North America). eg. Canada/USA border is 49.
Timezone: UTC time is negative if west of London, England. eg. Seattle, Washington is -7
Zenith: Leave as Official.


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